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Movie Websites Launches for January 9 - January 15

January 15th, 2004

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of new releases, updated sites, and some upcoming releases that slipped through the cracks, including the winner for the week Barber Shop 2 - Official Site . If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

Along Came Polly
Current Content: Last week's award winning site added three TV clips to the site this week just in time for tomorrows opening.

Current Content: The trailer was added to the placeholder site.

Barber Shop 2
Current Content: The flash site went live this week and it has all the usual features, and quite a few extras. Most of the extras are mixed in with the character bios. The bios themselves are only one or two sentences long, but for each bio there are wallpaper, buddy icons, three audio clips (mostly marked coming soon) and a few pictures. Some even have other extras like Terri's Survival Tips or Wall of Fame (marked coming soon.) E-card and soundtrack information is marked coming soon. The background music is clips from three songs from the soundtrack which helps avoid repetitiveness. While was a bit of a slow week, this site was a cut above the rest, and winner of this week's stylish Weekly Website Award.

Current Content: Placeholder site with just the logo.

A Cinderella Story
Current Content: The trailer was added to the placeholder site.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Current Content: The placeholder replaced the redirect. So far it just has a short cast and crew list (no bios) and the trailer.

Crimson Gold
Current Content: No change since it was first reviewed.

Dawn of the Dead
Current Content: The full trailer was added to the site.

Current Content: A new intro was added to the placeholder site, but no new content. The intro features the CGI Garfield, which I don't think turned out as well as it could have. They got the head right, but the body doesn't look realistic enough to be a real cat, nor cartoonish enough to be Garfield.

Jersey Girl
Current Content: The trailer was added to the site. Hopefully View Askew will take over website dutied as the release date nears. Cause I'd hate it if this was all we get in a promotional website.

Latter Days
Current Content: The images were added, so war the Forum. A note on each, when they say Hi-Res they mean it. Second, the forum is already getting a little hot and a full-fledged flame war is almost inevitable.

NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience
Current Content: Imax had a rough year last year and needs more high-profile releases to return to its previous form. NASCAR 3D is there next big release and should have a more popular appeal than other edutainment movies like Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure. The website itself hits all the main points with some, but in my opinion, not enough sound and animation. There is also a bit of information on NASCAR and IMAX as well as an Educator's Guide.

Secret Window
Current Content: Typical Sony placeholder site with a short synopsis and the trailer.

Teacher's Pet
Current Content: Despite opening tomorrow, the two features marked coming soon (character bios and the game) were still not added.

Tokyo Godfathers
Current Content: Simple site without sound and animation, (outside the trailer of course.) There is also not much in the way of extras with character bios being the most unique.

Current Content: No changes since I last reviewed the site. But at last I got the game to work. It's a lot like the classic Road Rash, but instead of hitting your opponents you do power slides.

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