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New Movie Release Dates

January 23rd, 2004

Each week, the studios do another dance, shuffling around the release dates of their movies in an effort to best position themselves for future success. This week sees the sudden disappearance of Mindhunters from the schedules and new release dates for Raising Helen, Mr. 3000, The Clearing, Wicker Park, Beauty Shop, Amityville, The Notebook, Secret Window, 13 Going on 30 and Breakin' All the Rules.

  • Mindhunters was due to be released today (January 23), but Dimension pushed it back earlier in the week to later in the year.
  • Sony have pulled Secret Window forward from April 23 to March 12. They've also changed the movie's name from Secret Window, Secret Garden.
  • Sony have also pulled 13 Going on 30 forward from May 28 to the now-available April 23 spot.
  • Completing their internal shuffle, Sony have slipped Breakin' All the Rules back to April 30 from March 26.
  • Buena Vista have essentially flipped the release dates for Raising Helen (forward from September 17 to May 26) and Mr. 3000 (back from May 14 to September 24).
  • Fox Searchlight have announced a first release date for The Clearing - May 21.
  • New Line have moved The Notebook forward a week, from July 30 to July 23.
  • MGM have announced first release dates for Wicker Park, which will arrive on September 3, Beauty Shop, scheduled for November 24, and Amityville (formerly Amityville Horror) on January 14, 2005.
  • Finally, specialty house ThinkFilm has announced two Summer releases: Festival Express in July and Bright Young Things in August.

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Source: Variety

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