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Valentines Day / President's Day Double Shot

February 13th, 2004

With both Valentine's Day and President's Day occurring this weekend, there are twice as many reasons to see a movie. And with only one movie opening wide, it should open huge. Holdovers should also perform well given the extra day, but they will have a hard time living up to last year.

50 First Dates is the first time Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have worked together since The Wedding Singer. So there's bound to be some comparisons between the two movies. With 50 First Dates only managing 38% positive, The Wedding Singer has a considerable lead in that category. However, overcoming bad reviews hasn't been a problem for Adam Sandler. The theatre count is also huge at over 3500 compared to just over 2800 for The Wedding Singer. 50 First Dates should become the first major hit almost doubling the Wedding Singer with $41 million for the 3-day weekend and adding another $5 million on Monday.

Disney was able to add 150 theatres to Miracle's count. That, combined with the family friendly nature and the long weekend should add up to a very small drop-off at the box office and another second place finish. Look for $14 million for the 3-day weekend, and $16 million for all 4 days.

The sequel effect will mean Babershop 2 will drop a lot this weekend, but it will still be in a battle with Miracle for second spot. In fact, it may top Miracle's $14 million for the 3-day portion of the weekend. However, Monday won't be as kind to Barbershop 2 leaving it with just shy of $16 million and a third place finish.

The next five movies should all finish within a $1 million range. Along Came Polly should top that list with $5 million, followed by The Butterfly Effect, You Got Served, Catch that Kid and finally with $4 million, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

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