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Million Dollar Dates

February 18th, 2004

Mixed would be the best way to describe the weekend results. With the exception of the number one film, all movies beat Friday's predictions. However, the overall box office was again failed to match last year's pace. Valentine's Day and President's Day helped the 3-day total increase by more than 10% from last weekend, but it was down 14% from last year. The four-day total fared better, but by a barely noticeable margin dropping 13%.

50 First Dates opened huge over the weekend and it looks like it will become the first $100 million movie of 2004. And while it didn't quite meet expectations with $39.9 million / $45.1 million totals, it was close enough to be considered a success. Reviews, while not strong are much higher than Adam Sandler's career average. However, the movie will probably be more front-loaded than his average due to Valentine's Day.

As predicted, Babershop 2 topped Miracle during the 3-day portion of the weekend $14.5 million to $14.0 million. However, Miracle's family friendly nature helped it bounce back on Monday taking second place $17.0 million to $16.5 million.

The five way battle for fourth place was just as close as predicted, however, the movies didn't quite finish in the same order I predicted. Additionally, the order changes depending on if you are talking about the 3-day weekend or the 4-day weekend.

Excluding Monday, The Butterfly Effect took fourth with $5.3 million, You Got Served landed fifth with $5.1 million and Along Came Polly came in sixth with $4.8 million. Seventh and eighth went to Catch that Kid ($4.5 million) and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ($4.2 million.)

If you include Monday, You Got Served switches places with The Butterfly Effect, both with nearly identical box offices of $6.0 million. Catch that Kid and Along Came Polly also switch places with the kid heist movie leading $5.9 million to $5.5 million.

Either way, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King finished in eighth place this weekend. But if you include Monday, it's box office of $5.1 million was just enough to push it past Jurassic Park into sixth place all-time. If the film can come close to sweeping its 11 nominations at this year's Oscars, then $400 million is not out of the question. But realistically, $375 is a more reasonable target.

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