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New Movie Release Dates

February 20th, 2004

A quiet week for movie release date announcements. But we do have news on Jersey Girl, Closer, and a few limited releases.

Jersey Girl New date: March 26 Previously: March 19
Deja vu all over again? Are Miramax quaking in their boots at the prospect of rolling out another Ben Affleck/ Jennifer Lopez movie? Or are they excited about rolling out Kevin Smith's latest comedy/drama? While it's hard to imagine this being another Gigli, the problems of continued media saturation for this movie's leading couple could over-shadow the Smith connection, and impact box office performance.

Masti New date: April 9 (First announced date)
An initial release date announcement from Eros.

The Bulgarian Lovers New date: April 30 (First announced date)
TLA announces an April 30 release for this Spanish comedy-drama.

Dear Frankie New date: June 18 Previously: September 10
A British drama getting a US release via Miramax, Dear Frankie moves up a few months. The plan is for a limited release on June 18, and a national (but still limited) release on July 2.

The Mudge Boy New date: June 18 (First announced date)
Another drama debut on June 18. This made-for-Showtime movie concerns the struggles of a 14-year-old boy to cope with his mother's death. Strand Releasing will be giving it a theatrical run before it debuts on TV.

Festival Express New date: July 16 Previously: July
ThinkFilm gives a release 34 years on to this documentary that charts the tour across Canada, taken by train, by Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, The Band, and other legends back in the Summer of 1970. The movie has been stuck in disputed-rights land ever since, and finally gets to see the light of day. The plan is for a limited debut on July 16, and an expansion (still in a limited number of theaters) on July 30. Something tells me this one will play in our local theater in Berkeley until Christmas...

Bright Young Things New date: August 6 Previously: August
Another British movie gets a firm release date. This Stephen Fry-directed drama/comedy will be distributed in the US by ThinkFilm.

Closer New date: December 3 Previously: December
Sony gives a firm date for the Julia Roberts-starrer directed by Mike Nichols.

Les Choristes New date: January 14, 2005 (First announced date)
Completing an international week, Miramax announce a January, 2005 opening for the French drama.

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Source: Variety and the Hollywood Stock Exchange

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