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Scary Finish at the International Box Office Race

March 2nd, 2004

When Scary Movie 3 was released domestically during the past fall, many analysts predicted it would fail to attract a sizeable audience. After all, there was a massive 55% drop-off between the first two installments. But the movie out-preformed expectations domestically, and now it's doing the same internationally. Scary Movie 3 earned $12.3 million and a first place finished this past weekend. Its international total is nearing $75 million and it should cross $200 million worldwide relatively soon.

After trailing Return of the King the past two weeks, Something's Gotta Give finally topped the Oscar champ. Unfortunately its $11.2 million wasn't enough to put it into first place over Scary Movie 3. It was enough to push the film's worldwide total past $200 million. And it should easily have the legs to hit a couple more milestones before its run is over.

It's too early to see what effect Lord of the Rings: Return of the King's 11 Oscars will have on its box office. In most markets it is too late in its run to make much of a difference. And it has performed so well that it has no realistic milestones left to hit as it topped Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone's international total sometime mid-week. Over the weekend it was still able to earn $11 million to push its international total to $663 million and its worldwide total to $1.03 billion.

Cold Mountain is getting the cold shoulder in most markets. Earning just $8.4 million in 40 markets is below expectations. And with an international haul of just $48 million so far, it is unlike to surpass it's domestic total.

The Last Samurai continues to perform well internationally, especially in Japan, adding another $6.3 million.

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