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Hello Lenin!

March 11th, 2004

While The Passion of the Christ finished first on the per theatre charts for the second weekend in a row, it the performance of a smaller movie, Goodbye, Lenin! that stole the show. Its per theatre average climbed nearly 10%. Now a movie having its per theatre average climb after the Oscars isn't surprising. However, Goodbye, Lenin! was ignored by the Oscar nomination committee. So the increase bodes very well for its long term success.

While the Oscars helped quite a few movies at the box office, it might take a few weeks to see their total effect. Even still, we did see some milestones reached during the past week.

Buoyed by its Best Foreign Film Oscar, The Barbarian Invasions crossed $2 million.
Touching the Void also crossed $2 million, but that film has done that in less than half the time.
The Oscars obviously helped The Triplets of Belleville hit $5 million. Just imagine how well it would have done if it had won.

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