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Big Week for Smaller Movies

March 12th, 2004

Half a dozen films open in limited release, including IMAX's first release of the year and one of the widest all-time.

Broken Wings - Reviews
The most critically acclaimed film to come out of Israel last year, Broken Wings won nine Israeli Film Academy Awards and was Israel's submission for Best Foreign Language Film. Its box office prospects were hurt when it wasn't nominated and it probably won't move beyond art house theatres.

Distant - Reviews
The second foreign language film opening in limited release this week and like the previous film, this one has had its share of critical success. And also like the previous film, it subject matter is too depressing to move beyond art house theatres.

Games People Play - Reviews
An unrated 'reality' movie. This isn't reality. American Splendor, that was reality. This is just a sign that the apocalypse is near.

How to Draw a Bunny - Reviews
The documentary look at the life of artist Ray Johnson, perhaps the first Pop Artist and the father of Mail Art. Described as the most famous unknown artist in the world, this film will hopefully bring some mainstream attention to this pioneer.

NASCAR: The IMAX Experience - Reviews
This IMAX film focuses on the 'Tainment' part of 'Edutainment,' which should be fine with viewers. In fact, the biggest complaint is the film doesn't show as much racing action as it should. Still, this movie should help IMAX bust out of its slump.

Wilbur Want to Kill Himself - Reviews
The last in a trio of critically acclaimed depressing limited releases, this film is less depressing as it is about depression. The film is about two brothers, one of whom is chronically suicidal. "It gets more and more humiliating every time I survive." This film probably has the best chance at finding a mainstream audience, but it will probably have to wait till the home market to find it.

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