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IMAX Roars Back

March 17th, 2004

After a weak 2003, IMAX appears poised to rebound in 2004. Its first release of the year, NASCAR: The IMAX Experience debuted with an impressive $1.5 million. That represented a $21,580 per theatre average, close to $10,000 above the winner of the Per Theatre Charts. It was also good enough for 11th place on the overall charts, tying the record set by Fantasia 2000. That film hit 11th place twice during its run.

It was also more than double the previous IMAX release, The Young Black Stallion, which has since went on to earn nearly $6 million. And in just over one month's time Sacred Planet will be released, so there should be plenty of news to report for the next little while at least.

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