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A Break from Wide Releases

March 19th, 2004

Only one limited release movie opens in more than one theatre this weekend, while three others each open in a single theatre.

Bon Voyage - Reviews
A spy film set in 1940 France during the German occupation but has a decidedly farcical take on the events of the day. A strong cast but weak development leads to reviews that are overall positive, but not massively so.

Divan - Reviews
This is the kind of film that critics love, but will never find a mainstream audience. A documentary about the director's Jewish / Hungarian roots it works because of a light and modest touch.

Intermission - Reviews
The big limited release of the weekend, Intermission opens in 10 theatres. The film did very well in limited release in the U.K. last year, peaking at #10 on the charts. The movie also sports an impressive cast, including the under-appreciated Colm Meany it may be a sleeper hit. But like most movies that open in limited release, it will be lucky if it can find an audience outside a niche market.

Noi Albinoi - Reviews
Tells the story of a teenage albino in Iceland. That alone shows this film has almost no chance at finding a mainstream audience. Quirky, deadpan, and worth finding.

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