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Young Gypsies

April 17th, 2004

There was a slight delay in this article due to intermittent internet access difficulties. Fortunately there were just the two limited releases this week, so it shouldn't take long to research now that my connection has been restored.

Gypsy 83 - Reviews
Starring Sara Rue, best know for her television work including on the series Popular and Kett Turton from the tragically short-lived series Dead Last. They star as two Goths who leave their small town and travel 500 miles to a Stevie Nicks impersonator contest. I know, it sounds like a very strange premise, but it's not that unusual if you think of the film as a road movie / coming of age movie.

Young Adam - Reviews
One of the more talked about releases in a while, mainly for its rating. A film rated NC-17 being released by a major studio used to be something very rare; it was six years between The Dreamers and the last NC-17 released by an MPAA studio before that. However, just two months later and another such film is being released. This one has slightly better reviews, more star power including Ewan McGregor but surprisingly, not as much controversy. In the end the lesser amount of controversy might hurt its box office chances.

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