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$100 Million Opening for Troy

May 18th, 2004

In addition to the $46.9 million Troy earned at the domestic box office, the ancient history movie made $54.7 million on 6,722 screens in 47 markets internationally. Some highlights were the $8.5 million in Germany, $6.3 million in Spain, $5.1 million in France and $4.7 million in Australia. And while a $107 million opening weekend seems spectacular, this is a very expensive film to get to theatres. Combine the production budget, domestic P&A budgets, translations / dubbing / subtitles, etc. and the final cost is nearing $250 million. On the plus side, Troy should have better legs and more international appeal than Van Helsing so Warner Bros. should see a profit before the home market. P.S. If this story sounds familiar, you must have a long memory.

Like its domestic run, Van Helsing's international box office dropped very, very fast. During its sophomore stint it was just able to earn $24.5 million. It's total international box office is now at $95 million and it should break the $100 milestone sometime during the mid-week and $200 million world wide after the weekend.

After the top two there's not much activity in the international markets.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 lost about a third of its weekly box office falling to $3.6 million. The combined worldwide gross of the Kill Bill Franchise is now closing in on $300 million.

Popping back on the list was The Passion of the Christ with just $3.3 million. Better than expected results in Japan is helping the film come close to $600 million worldwide.

Coming in fifth place was 50 First Dates with a lowly $2.7 million.

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