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Control Room Reigns over Per Theatre Charts

May 26th, 2004

Three films earned per theatre averages of more than $10,000 this weekend lead by the debut of the documentary Control Room, which earned an impressive $27,125 in its lone theatre. Close behind in second place was Shrek 2's record setting debut with an unbelievable average of $25,952 in an unprecedented 4,163 theatres. Lastly, Coffee and Cigarettes managed a second weekend above the $10,000 average mark with $11,558 despite more than tripling its theatre count to 17.

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theatre Charts alumnus:

Spring, Summer, Autum, Winter, … and Spring never earned $10,000 per theatre, but it still was able to top $1 million at the box office. And even though its weekly box office take is in decline, it should have at least one more milestone in its future.
A Day Without a Mexican hit $1 million this weekend, and depending on if it can have success outside of California, it should earn much, much more.
Also making it to $1 million was I'm Not Scared in its seventh weekend of release.
Super Size Me continues to grow nearly double its box office in just one week. It crossed $2 million this weekend to sit less than $60,000 from $3 million, (which it easily crossed on Monday.)

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