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Still in Control

June 3rd, 2004

The boost to the box office due to the long weekend helped several films cross $10,000 per theatre with a pretty even mix of wide and limited releases. But it was last week's winner Control Room that won the weekend with $24,755 per theatre over the 3-day weekend. Coming in second was The Day After Tomorrow with an impressive $20,071; coincidentally, the film also came in second place on the overall charts. Next on the list were two films with very similar averages: Saved! brought in $17,257 and just behind was Shrek 2 at $17,090 per theatre. Rounding out the $10,000 films was My Mother Likes Women, which saw its per theatre average increased to $11,024 last weekend.

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theatre Charts alumnus:

A Day Without a Mexican just missed $2 million during the 3-day weekend, but it easily made than milestone when you take Monday into account.
Super Size Me earned more than $1 million during this past weekend alone while hitting $4 million total. Its weekend box office has probably peaked, but it should manage one more weekend in the top ten overall. Ironically, its populous appeal could hurt its chances for Oscar glory.

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