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How Many will be Caught in Spider-Man's Web

June 30th, 2004

It's not a question of whether Spider-man 2 will open big; we all know it will. It's not even a question of if records will fall; we all know that will happen as well. It's a question of how many records will Spider-man 2 break, and by what margin.

The first film was a critical and financial success the likes we hadn't seen since the original Star Wars. The Sequel promises to be even bigger and is getting off to a great start earning even more impressive reviews than the original did. So, if that is any indication, Spider-man 2 should open huge breaking several records along the way.

The first record to fall to Spider-man 2 is for largest opening at 4,152 theatres breaking Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabans record of 3,855. It will very likely expand and overtake Shrek 2's widest release record of 4,223.

It should crush Lord of the Ring: Return of the King's Wednesday opening record of $34.5 million and break the original's opening day record of $39.6 million. And if my predictions are accurate, top Shrek 2's record for single biggest day at $44.7 million, all this on Wednesday.

Over the weekend, the film also has a chance at overtaking the first's weekend record of $114.8 million. And the record for highest 5-day total currently held by The Matrix Reloaded at $144.4 million has almost no chance of surviving.

Speed wise, Spider-man 2 will tie the original's mark taking just 3 days to hit $100 million, (which The Matrix Reloaded also managed to accomplish.) Fastest to $200 million will also fall with the film taking 6, perhaps even just 5 days to accomplish that feat.

Here's a day-by-bay breakdown for the prediction:

Wednesday: $50 million
Thursday: $30 million
Friday: $40 million
Saturday: $45 million
Sunday: $30 million
Weekend: $115 million
5-Day Total: $195 million

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