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Spider-Man's Start's Slower, But Records Still Fall

July 2nd, 2004

Spider-man 2 earned a record breaking $40.4 million on Wednesday, and while that was up to my lofty expectations, it was still more than enough to break records.

Along with the widest opening, which was already guaranteed, the film broke two major single day records on Wednesday. Largest Wednesday opening topping Lord of the Ring: Return of the King's $34.5 million and biggest opening day beating the original's $39.6 million.

That doesn't mean all my predictions are out of reach, if Thursday's numbers remain above $30 million then beating the single day record is still well within reach, as are both speed records. On the other hand, if Thursday's number drops below $20 million then Spider-Man 2 will turn into another Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, big, big box office, nice profit for the studio and still a big disappointment.

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