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Friendly, International Spider-Man

July 13th, 2004

With openings in more than 20 markets, Spider-man 2 took top spot on the international charts this week with $50.9 million on 6,723 screen in 50 markets. Most of this week's openings were like its domestic opening, huge, but not record breaking. So far the film has earned $113.9 million and is ahead of the first's film pace, in fact, it has already topped Spider-Man's total in five markets: Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand and Turkey. Worldwide the film has earned nearly $400 million and with very impressive legs it should more double that before its run is over.

With only a couple of openings this week, Shrek 2 slipped into second place with $49.1 million. Internationally, it has crossed $250 million, which is already more than the original earned total. And worldwide it now has $670 million, tops for the year; with strong legs, this film looks likely to break records, as it has in Australia supplanting Finding Nemo as the biggest animated film of all-time. If it can duplicate that feat in other markets, $1 billion worldwide isn't out of the question.

Massive competition is hurting Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, but it's still not done. This week it earned $21.7 million on 6,700 screens in 51 markets. With that the film has passed $400 million internationally, just the 14th film to do so. Worldwide it now has close to $640 million, and was briefly the number one film for the year, but Shrek 2 quickly surpassed it on the charts.

In its first foray into the foreign market, Fahrenheit 9/11 took in $6.6 million dollars, including $3.5 million in France, (which will undoubtedly fuel the anti-Michael Moore flames.)

The Day After Tomorrow rounds out the top five with $6.4 million. Both it and Troy are heading towards $350 million internationally, but in the end the former should finish just a head of the latter.

Although neither finished in the top five, both Mean Girls and Dawn of the Dead both crossed $100 million worldwide.

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