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Eclectic Mix with the Limited Releases

July 16th, 2004

Three more limited release films open tonight joining the The Door in the Floor, which opened on Wednesday. And these four films come from 5 different countries, (Touch of Pink is a Canadian / U.K. co-production.)

The Door in the Floor - Reviews
Based on the best-selling John Irving novel “A Widow for One Year.” Jeff Bridges plays Ted Cole, a loving father, creative writer and incredible unfaithful husband. But it is an affair that his wife (Kim Basinger) has that is the focus of the movie. Reviews are not the strongest of the new limited releases this week, but paradoxically, it probably has the best shot at earning some mainstream success.

Maria Full of Grace - Reviews
Feature film debut of writer / director Joshua Marston is earning amazing praise, as is first time actress Catalina Sandino Moreno. Catalina plays the titular character, a pregnant woman living in poverty in Columbia who becomes a drug mule. Joshua Marston based the story on interviews with people involved in this business, both as mules and as customs agents, which helps give this film a very authentic feel.

Touch of Pink - Reviews
Not to long ago there was a Gay / Mormon themed movie was released, and now we have a Gay / Muslim themed movie. This film, like Latter Days, is a low-budget film hoping to find an audience is a very small niche market. Unlike Latter Days, however, this film is a retro / romantic comedy as well. The combination of genres is a bit of a weakness, however, as the film tries to be too much. There's still enough that works that the film should entertain.

Zhou Yu's Train - Reviews
A Chinese film that tells the story of a love triangle with a painter in a ceramics factory torn between her lover, a poet living in seclusion and a veterinarian who lives in the city. Critics are evenly split on this film calling it either mesmerizing and enchanting or dull and without a story.

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