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Crowded Weekend for Limited Releases

July 23rd, 2004

Today sees the opening a few more limited releases, but perhaps more significantly, it also will see the expansion of a few other, previously released limited release films.

De-Lovely - Reviews
This film's per theatre average has held up amazingly well through the two previous expansions, and if it can do the same this weekend its box office run will already be considered successful. And it's only been in release for a month.

The Door in the Floor - Reviews
Last weekend this film just missed hitting the $10,000 per theatre average, which is a good result for a limited release opening in nearly 50 theatres. And with its theatre count jumping from 47 to 120 this week, it should double its total box office over the weekend.

A Home at the End of the World - Reviews
The film is only earning mixed reviews, and some of the critics are focusing their dislike on Colin Farrell's performance. It is also being pointed out that the film is simply not as good as the book, but that's hardly surprising. The film opens tonight in five theatres in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Ju-On - The Numbers Review
I found this film built a good sense of horror through the use of non-chronological storytelling and other methods used to keep the viewer confused and disoriented. Other critics, however, are unfairly comparing it to Ringu, (the original, Japanese version of The Ring. The film opens tonight in three theatres in New York, Los Angeles and Irvine California while the Hollywood remake, The Grudge, opens at the end of October.

Napoleon Dynamite - Reviews
This film has already earned nearly $5 million at the box office and this week it more than doubles its theatre count to 389. Word of mouth appears to be helping this film as its per theatre average has been growing the past couple of weeks.

Zatoichi - Reviews
An updating of the classic Japanese film series. The film is stylized, and very eccentric, but it has a certain charm. Those who are a fan of the classic versions may not like how this film updates the franchise. (Much in the same way some people feel the latest movies in the James Bond Franchise don't have the same appeal as the Sean Connery films.) The film opens in four theatres in New York and Los Angeles.

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