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Spider-Man Stuck on Top

July 27th, 2004

Despite a severe, nearly 50% drop at the box office, Spider-man 2 remained on top with $31.6 million, including a record $1.6 million in India, the biggest opening for a Hollywood film in that market. However, the news isn't all good as big drop-offs continue to plague the Marvel web-slinger, 56% in France, 50% in the U.K. and 59% in Spain. But it is still earning immense figures thanks to record-breaking openings and should cross $600 million worldwide early in the mid-week and $300 million internationally during next weekend.

Shrek 2 also stumbled at the box office with a weekly take of $17.8m on 4,710 screens in 32 markets. Particularly disappointing was the figure from Japan where the film could only manage $2.7 million, including previews. And that will make hitting $400 million internationally much more difficult. Internationally, the film is fourth for the year with $337 million and worldwide it's still tops with $764 million, 14th all time.

Breaking records in its native Germany was the parody, Starship Surprise - Period 1. The film had the largest opening this year and the biggest ever for a local film at a reported €13.1 million or $15.9 million. That's significantly higher than its €9 million budget (approximately $11 million.) So far there is no distributor for North America.

Another film to drop big in the international market was, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban which earned an additional $11.1 million. That was just enough to push its worldwide total past $700 million, just the 17th film to do so. That's still a very good result, but a big drop from the other entries in the Harry Potter franchise.

King Arthur continues its international run picking up $5.8 million, which nearly doubling its international take. Most of that came from its $3.2 million in Japan, a very strong number when compared to its poor domestic total. But not enough to push the film into the win column for Disney.

Other highlights on the international scene include:

  • I, Robot had number one openings in Australia ($3.3 million), Philippines ($426,000) and New Zealand ($396,000.) It's weekly take was $5.5 million pushing its international total to $7.6 million so far.
  • Garfield continues to perform admirably internationally earning $3.5 million, nearly the same as last weekend. Its total is now up to $12.2 million in just 12 markets.
  • The Stepford Wives took in another $3.3 million raising its international total to $13.4 million. Solid, but not spectacular.
  • England should have been the biggest market for Thunderbirds, but it really stumbled there taking in just $2.5 million for a third place finish. Unless it can find surprise success elsewhere, this movie will cost the studio a bundle.
  • Kill Bill: Volume 2 opened with a thud in Spain taking in just $1.3 million. That's a very serious drop from the original $2.1 million opening. But even with just one more opening, Brazil, the film should be able to earn the $2 million needed to hit $150 million worldwide.
  • Mexico, which is known as a kid friendly movie market, was not particularly kind to Home on the Range. The film's debut was in a virtual tie with Garfield sophomore stint at $1.2 million. So far the final Disney cell animated flick has earned a meager $4 million internationally.
  • Troy crossed $350 million during the mid-week and now its international total sits at $351.4 million.
  • The Chronicles of Riddick struggled domestically, and now its doing the same internationally. The latest weekend brought an eighth place opening in Argentina and a $3.8 million international total.
  • Catwoman's one international opening so far was in Thailand where it took in $395 thousand, and not $395 million as previously reported.
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 exact numbers for the weekend are unknown, but reports have it doing amazing business in the Middle East. Also, the film has earned $1.3 million in previews in Australia.
  • Also with unknown numbers is House of Flying Daggers, which broke records in China last weekend with a $6.6 million opening. This could mean we're looking at a sleeper hit when it opens in December.

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