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Water Repeats Ahead of Massive Expansion

August 18th, 2004

Just a week ahead of expanding into more than 2000 theatre, Open Water repeated on top of the per theatre charts. However, it's average of $16,268 was 30% lower that last weekend, which makes repeating The Blair Witch Project's success unlikely, as that film saw its per theatre figure grow during its second weekend. The only other films to top $10,000 per theatre was We Don't Live Here Anymore with $14,471 and overall box office leader Alien Vs. Predator with $11,279 per theatre.

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theatre Charts alumnus:

  • After a strong start, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster could not maintain any sort of momentum as it expanded. It did manage to make it to $1 million during the mid-week, but that's as far as it will get.
  • Maria Full of Grace reached $2 million during the mid-week.
  • Garden State is showing impressive legs and it should earn some mainstream success. This week it hit $1 million during the mid-week before hitting $2 million during the weekend.
  • Open Water also made it to $2 million during the weekend.
  • Before Sunset reach $4 million during the mid-week and is now just $1 million behind the original.
  • The limited release champion of the summer, Napoleon Dynamite again had its best weekend so far in its release. It has already earned $15 million and should make it to $20 million before long. That's better than quite a few wide releases.

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