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Bunny Hops into Top Spot

September 1st, 2004

Only one film managed to break the $10,000 per theatre barrier this week, and it was the controversial The Brown Bunny, which earned $50,601 in just 3 theatres for an average of $16,867.

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theatre Charts alumnus:

  • Intimate Strangers topped $1 million over the weekend, and while it may have peaked at the weekend box office, it should have enough momentum to hit at least one more milestone.
  • For the first time during its release, Garden State didn't improve on its weekend numbers. And while it may have peaked, (it is expanding again this weekend) it did cross the $10 million mark over the weekend. And for those of you who skipped the season opener of Scrubs last night, you are missing out on one of the best shows on TV.
  • During 10 of the past 11 weeks, Napoleon Dynamite has seen its weekend gross climb and it again had its best weekend earning $2.1 million and now sits at $22.4 million total. The latest film to fail to Napoleon's might was Torque, a film with an estimated $40 million production budget.

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