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How Well Will Vanity Fair?

September 1st, 2004

Getting ahead start on the weekend box office is Vanity Fair, which opens tonight. For this film success or failure will be measured more by awards than box office, but Focus Features is hoping to earn a bit of both.

Costume Dramas like this film are generally hard sells to the public and usually only earn a small but steady box office. However, they also tend to earn much better reviews. So far Vanity Fair's reviews have been very poor. And while it has earned more praise from the Cream of the Crop critics, it is still not high enough for the film to content for many awards. (But it is safe to assume it is a lock for an Oscar nomination for best costumes.)

At the box office it should fair a bit better opening with under $3 million tonight, a little more than half that on Thursday and $7 million over the three day weekend, plus nearly $2 million on Labor Day. And with $13 million for the five-day opening, it will be well on its way to profitability.

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