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Audiences Heart Huckabees

October 5th, 2004

Busy week on the per theatre charts as no less than five films broke the $10,000 per theatre barrier. I Heart Huckabees had the best per theatre average of the year earning nearly $300,000 in four theatres for an average of $73,044. Last week's winner, The Motorcycle Diaries held up rather well despite a sizeable expansion; its per theatre average of $16,201 in 67 theatres to pull in just north of $1 million this past weekend. The overall chart leader was next on the list; Shark Tale's $11,854 per theater average was the best for a wide release since July. Close behind was Therese with $357,000 in 32 theatres for an average of $11,156. And rounding out the $10,000 club was Dig!; the Rockumentary earned an average of $10,219 in two theatres over the weekend.

Paradoxically, there was only one film to hit a milestone as We Don't Live Here Anymore made it to $2 million.

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