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Collateral Climbs to the Top

October 6th, 2004

Collateral finished first on the international charts breaking The Village's five week run on top. Although, with a weekly take of only $9.4 million in 28 markets, it has as much to do with the weakness of the competition as it does with the strength of the film itself. The largest chunk of that box office came from France, where the film earned $3.8 million.

Without any openings this week, The Village plunged nearly 50% to $8.0 million. The film continues to be plagued by second weekend drop-off of more than 50% with the latest example coming in Spain where the film sunk 54% to $2.4 million.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story managed a third place finish on the international charts despite a weaker than expected opening in Germany and a greater than expected drop in France. Overall the film pulled in $6.1 million on 2200 screen in 27 markets and now sits at $35.5 million internationally.

Just behind was The Terminal with $5.9 million. The drop-off of less than 30% is especially impressive considering the film only had one opening last week in a mid-level market. Earning $350,000 in Greece helped push the film to $63.5 million internationally and makes surpassing its domestic total an easy target.

Rounding out the top five was The Bourne Supremacy with $5.2 million on 1900 screens in 33 markets. The is showing strong legs in most international markets helping it to $71.6 million so far. And with 20 markets left to open in, include major markets like Germany, it should hit $100 million relatively soon

Other highlights on the international scene include:

  • Garfield just missed the top five with $4.3 million. It did, however, cross $100 million internationally during the past week and now sits at $105.1 million. The film had a rather poor opening in Japan earning a mere $366,000 on 163 screens; However, films tend to have strong legs in that market so the film may still earn a reasonable box office there. The film has had some amazing runs in other markets including 10 straight weeks in the top ten in the U.K.
  • Wimbledon managed to earn $2.8 million during its second weekend in the U.K., a drop of less than 10% from its debut. It also did well in Australia with an opening take of $1.4 million. Overall the film added $4.3 million to its international total of $9.3 million so far.
  • Holidays in Australia helped Shark Tale's haul grow to $2.27 million there. Overall the film took in $3.2 million including $340,000 in Israel and $210,000 in Portugal.
  • Alien vs. Predator was in a virtual tie for first place in Australia with $2.2 million. Its international take for the week was $3.2 million pushing its total to $21.6 million.
  • Thanks to a more shallow drop-off in Japan, I, Robot took in $3.2 million internationally. After three weeks as the Japanese champ, the film has amassed $20.1 million in that market and $176.4 million internationally.
  • Hellboy's opening in Japan didn't go heavenly as it could only manage $553,000 on 151 screens. Buts its debut in Spain was much stronger with $1.9 million on 339 screens. Overall the film made $2.6 million and its international total climbed to $33.3 million.
  • Saw opened in second place in the U.K. this past weekend with $2.5 million. That bodes well for its American debut, which is set for Halloween weekend.
  • Spider-Man 2 finished first in Italy for the third straight weekend with $2.3 million. The film hit $400 million during the mid-week and now sits at $403.2 million.
  • King Arthur made $2.2 million in Italy, its last major opening. The film has made $135 million internationally, all the more impressive when compared its $51.9 million it made domestically.
  • Layer Cake, the directorial debut from the producer of such British gangster movies as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch made its debut in its home market of the U.K. this past weekend earned $1.9 million for a third place finish. The film currently has no North American release dates, but if it shows a little legs in Britain, that should change.
  • For the second weekend in a row, Resident Evil: Apocalypse took top spot in Mexico, although its weekend take did drop 42% from its debut. It took in $1.8 million over the weekend to raise its international total to $27 million.
  • A Cinderella Story added $1.7 million to its $14.4 million international total.
  • Continuing its lackluster performance, Catwoman took in $1.6 million over the weekend to raise its international total to $32.9 million.
  • White Chicks failed to make a strong impact in Mexico where it earned $650,000 on 270 screens. But it did much better in Singapore with $300,000 on just 21screens. Overall the film took in $1.4 million one 456 screen in 10 markets to raise its total to $6.75 million.
  • Shrek 2's Italian opening is still a couple of months away so there's not much to report. This week the film earned another $1.3 million to raise its international total to $436.8 million.
  • Holidays in Australia helped The Princess Diaries 2 earn another $1.3 million for the week.
  • Hero dropped 33% in its second weekend in the U.K. to $1.25 million. It now has $3.6 million in that market and $108.2 million internationally.
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow could only manage $1.2 million and a 6th place finish in the U.K., a very disappointing result.
  • Laura's Stern took in another $875 thousand in Germany to raise its total in its home market to $2.7 million.
  • Van Helsing took in another $750,000 in Japan and now sits at $298.5 million worldwide.
  • Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban is only playing is a couple hundred theatres in a handful of markets, but it still managed to take in $500,000 this weekend and now sits at $537.5 million internationally and $786.6 million worldwide.
  • The Manchurian Candidate started its international run with a very disappointing $450,000 on 200 screens.

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