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Possible Oscar Showdown

October 22nd, 2004

Of the limited releases opening tonight, two feature potentially Oscar-winning performances.

Lightning in a Bottle - Reviews
In the year of the Documentary, the only subject to get as much attention as Politics is Rock 'n' Roll. This concert film brings together some of the Blues greats to New York City's Radio City Music Hall for an amazing concert. The film opens tonight in New York City before opening in Los Angeles in a couple of weeks.

The Machinist - Reviews
Christian Bale has to be the early favorite for the Best Actor Oscar. For this role he dropped to just 120 pounds and the Academy loves it when actors are willing to alter their body for a role. In the film, Christian Bale's character hasn't slept in a year, which causes a physical and mental breakdown. After he accidentally kills a co-worker, he begins to suspect they are out to get him. The film is stylish, but it's Bale's performance that will get your attention.

Sex is Comedy - Reviews
A film based on the real life experience of the director, Catherine Breillat. In the film, the director is trying to film a difficult sex scene, which is a task made even harder by the fact that the actor and actress hate each other. The film opened on Wednesday in New York City.

Sideways - Reviews
With a perfect score from the critics, the latest offering from the director of About Schmidt should please audiences and earn some hardware during the award season. The early buzz even has Paul Giamatti as an Oscar contender, (but the same was said after his performance in American Splendor, and look how that turned out.) The film opens in four theatres in New York and Los Angeles and should expand in the coming weeks.

Stella Street - Reviews
Trying to translate a sketch comedy show to the big screen is a risky proposition. Just looking at the myriad of failed Saturday Night Live films can tell you that. In this case it's a British show making the transition, which eliminates the one part that films of this type have going for them, name recognition.

Undertow - Reviews
The film tells the story of two boys on the run after their violent uncle comes home from prison and kills their dad. It's a dark thriller that works on most levels, but at times is too predictable and slow. It opens tonight in six theatres in New York and Los Angeles.

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