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Nothing Bad About this Result

November 23rd, 2004

Bad Education took top spot on a per theatre chart loaded down with Oscar hopefuls. The latest offering from acclaimed director, Pedro Almodovar, earned nearly $150,000 in just three theatres for an average of $49,123. Coming in second place with $18,090 in its lone theatre was Days of Being Wild, a Hong Kong film from the early 90s. Three and four on the list were last week's one and two as Kinsey beat out Finding Neverland $16,048 to $14,680. The only other film to make it to the $10,000 club was the overall box office champ, National Treasure with $11,648. The second place film on the overall charts, SpongeBob SquarePants, just missed making the charts with $9,968, good enough for an honorable mention.

This past week also saw some milestones reached for several Per Theatre Charts alumnus:

  • Not only did Finding Neverland stay above the $10,000 per theatre mark, but it crossed $1 million over the weekend.
  • Veer-Naara, which cost $7 million to make, crossed $1 million over the past week.
  • Being Julia saw its best weekend performance of its run so far as it crossed $2 million.
  • Sideways crossed $5 million early in the weekend and by Sunday made it to $6 million. So far it has held on to its per theatre average very well in the face of large expansions. That bodes well for its long run chances and it could appear on this list at least a few more times during its run.

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