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Ocean Runs Deep, Blade Franchise Staked

December 13th, 2004

The two wide openings fell short of expectations, but by a combined margin just several million dollars, even so, this weekend was nearly 23% ahead of last weekend. And comparing it to last year's trio of disappointing wide releases results in a 19% increase. And while 2004 now sits 2.4% ahead of 2003 with $8.52 billion, that margin could evaporate as there's no sure thing, $300 million monster hit left to be released this year.

Ocean's Twelve just missed expectations with $39.2 million, which was just above the original's opening. However, weaker reviews and sequelit is will mostly likely keep it from reaching the same heights. On a side note, the film did well enough to push Julia Robert's career earnings over $2 billion, just the 19th star to do so and the first female in that elusive club.

There's very little good news for the studio to console themselves when it comes to the performance of Blade: Trinity. Its opening box office of just $16.1 million over the three day weekend was less than half what the previous film managed and it was even less than the original's 1998 oppening. And with much weaker reviews it will mostly likely have weaker legs, (after taking into account seasonal adjustments.) Strong legs thanks to the holiday season might help the film do well enough to be considered a marginal success, but the proposed spin-off is most likely dead.

Not surprisingly, National Treasure took a major hit at the box office dropping to third place with $9.8 million. The film has already shocked most analysts with its performance, so no one will be upset with this result.

After stumbling out of the gate The Polar Express has been virtually unstoppable. This weekend the film dropped an miniscule 11% to land at $9.6 million. The film's legs are amazing, but that $165 million production budget is still a killer to deal with.

Rounding out the top five was Christmas with the Kranks with $7.6 million. The film has surpassed $50 million at the box office and could beat original expectations.

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