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Gold Stocks Rise

December 21st, 2004

It is a week after the Golden Globe nominees were announced and a perfect time to look at the effect, if any, that the acclaim has brought previously released films.

Many of the movies that were nominated have either not opened yet, just opened this past weekend or have opened so long ago that judging the Golden Globe Bounce is impossible.

Leading the pack with seven nominations, and the biggest post nomination bounce was Sideways. The seven time nominee jumped more than 21% at the box office despite losing a sizeable portion of its theatre count. As a result, it's per theatre average rose by more than a third.

Before award season began, Finding Neverland was looked upon by many as the top award season contender. And while that crown may have been passed to Sideways, the film is still having an impressive run at the box office improving by 16% over last weekend, but that's a nearly 37% drop in per theatre average.

A Very Long Engagement was nominated just the once and its theatre count grew as well, so it's hard to tell how much an effect the nomination had. Overall its box office shot up by close to 400% while its per theatre average drop by just over 20%.

Fellow Best Foreign Film nominee, House of Flying Daggers saw a similar increase, albeit by a lower margin, (300%) while its theatre shot up by a much greater degree. Conclusion, any Golden Globe Bounce was negligible.

Closer was a surprise multiple nominee, but it seems to have done little at the box office. Granted, its weekend haul dropped by a mere 10%, but its per theatre average was nearly sliced in half.

Three time nominee, Kinsey, saw its box office drop by a narrow 4% margin while its per theatre average dropped by a heftier, but still strong 15%.

Strangely enough, Alfie saw its weekend box office increase by close to 6%. However, since its only nomination was for Best Original Song, it's probably best to assume this is a momentary hiccup and not a true Golden Globe boost.

Several other nominees that are on the downside of their box office run saw drops in their theatre counts while there per theatre average dropped by a small margin, or in fact increased. Highlights include:

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