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Quartet of Oscar Contenders

December 29th, 2004

Four more films open tonight hoping to catch some Oscar glory. Ironically, the film with the least likely shot at earning a nomination is also the film with the best reviews and strongest box office potential.

The Assassination of Richard Nixon - Reviews
The pedigree of this film is amazing, Oscar winner Sean Penn, Oscar Nominee Naomi Watts and Golden Globe winner Don Cheadle. And while the film looks primed for Oscar glory, the reviews just aren't strong enough for that. Even so, if it does score a nomination or two it would not be too shocking.

In Good Company - Reviews
Easily the best reviewed new release of the week, but the Oscar buzz is non-existent; even the new indie queen, Scartlett Johansson is being singled out for her role in A Love Song For Bobby Long and not this movie. In the film Dennis Quaid plays Dan Foreman, a man demoted at work after his company is acquired and replaced by, Tom Duryea, who is half his age. Their working relationship is tested when Tom falls in love with Dan's daughter, played by Scartlett Johansson. A charming and clever film that should find an audience when it opens wide in a couple of weeks.

A Long Song for Bobby Long - Reviews
So far only Scarlett Johansson has been singled out for a Golden Globe nomination, but that could be enough for her to get at least some Oscar consideration. However, with reviews that are barely at the overall positive level don't expect any other nominations.

The Merchant of Venice - Reviews
Shakespeare's most controversial play, which will both help and hurt this film's chances at the box office and with award committees. Should earn an Oscar nomination for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and / or Best Costume Design, but will most likely be shut out of the non-technical categories.

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