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Roger Ebert names the year's best films

January 6th, 2003

It’s that time of the year again, the time when film critics, and enthusiasts, put together their annual list of what they consider to be the year’s best. One such roster I look forward to reading every year is Roger Ebert’s, a critic and expert of cinema whom I admire with great respect. The Pulitzer Prize winner and Chicago Sun-Times film reviewer is always, in my opinion, on the mark and his list for the best of 2002 is no exception (well, I do still think that About Schmidt belongs in there somewhere).

Ebert’s No. 1 choice was Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, and considering his review of the movie back in June, it’s no surprise. If you didn’t get the chance to see this sci-fi masterpiece, I highly recommend you running out to the nearest vidstore and renting it. It’s clearly Spielberg’s best action film since Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and one of the most exhilarating movies I experienced all year.

Other titles in Ebert’s list include Adaptation, Todd Haynes’s Far From Heaven, Spirited Away, Mike Leigh’s All or Nothing, Werner Herzog’s little seen Invincible, and The Quiet American. His runner-up list contains About Schmidt and About a Boy.

My list would definitely include Minority Report, About Schmidt, Far From Heaven, Steven Soderbergh’s under-appreciated and brilliant Solaris, The Hours, and One Hour Photo. I have yet to see Adaptation, Spike Lee’s 25th Hour, Spirited Away, and The Quiet American.

Matthew Dalton

Source: Roger Ebert @ Chicago Sun-Times