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Tom Hanks set to extend record box office run.

January 7th, 2003

As of Monday, Catch Me If You Can is just $700,000 shy of the $100 million dollar mark and should easily cross it by today (Tuesday.) When it does it will extend Tom Hanks amazing run of $100 million dollar movies to seven in a row. The streak started in 1998 with Saving Private Ryan* and You’ve Got Mail. 1999 saw Tom Hanks star in animated sequel Toy Story 2 and the Stephen King adaptation The Green Mile. With Cast Away* Tom Hanks tied the old record of five $100 million dollar films set by Tom Cruise. After taking 2001 off, he returned with the darker Road to Perdition, which barely broke the $100 million mark. And with his latest hit, this record could be ‘uncatchable.’

Up next for Tom Hanks is the animated family adventure The Polar Express and the remake of the 1955 criminal comedy The Ladykillers. Can these continue this amazing streak? We'll have to wait till 2004 to find out.

Note: Movies denoted with a * represents Oscar nominations.

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