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Frodo, Self Described Mommas Boy

January 10th, 2003

21 year old Lord Of The Rings star Actor Elijah Wood isn’t simply a big star, he is also a big mommas boy. In a recent fluff interview that touched on everything from his success with Lord Of The Rings to some upcoming projects, Elijah was softly pushed on rumors in regards to his secretive love life. Responding to said rumors that include names like Franka Potente and Mandy Moore, Elijah was quoted as saying, “Oh God, rumors, rumors. For a while there was a rumor that I was married to Franka Potente. It is funny though, my mother actually questioned it, 'Are you married?' I said, 'Are you kidding, Mom?' I mean, I live with my Mom, so it was like, 'What, what are you on? No.' I love my mom”. Well ladies, you know what they say; You can tell how good a man will treat you by how good he treats his mother.

George W. Horta III