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Chamber of Secrets sneaks pasts Jurassic Park

January 28th, 2003

This weekend Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets earned another $7 million in international box office to move past Jurassic Park and into third place on the all-time international box office list. The second installment in the Harry Potter series has now earned more than $568 million internationally and $827 million worldwide. While that is a phenomenal number it is still well back of $968 million the first Harry Potter made and has disappointed many Potter fans.

With no new markets to premier in, it looks like Harry’s second year at Hogwarts will have to settle for 5th on the worldwide list, but for how long? Worldwide, The Two Towers is less than $90 back and has yet to open in Japan where the Fellowship of the Ring earned nearly $75 million.

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Source: All-Time Worldwide Chart

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