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Roundup Of News And..."Jurassic Park 4"!

January 30th, 2003

Here are some interesting tidbits...

Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan are planning to star in a remake of The Thin Man, which was actually a series of films throughout the 1930s and starred William Powell (My Man Godfrey) as a detective. Russo and Brosnan teamed up before in another remake, The Thomas Crown Affair, in 1999.

Speaking of remakes, if you haven't heard, there's a new version of Peter Collinson's The Italian Job coming your way. It will star Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, and Edward Norton whereas the original starred Michael Caine and was released in 1969.

Matt Damon told MTV that he'd definitely do a Bourne Identity sequel, but only if the script is solid. The film would probably be called The Bourne Supremacy. Identity collected $121 million last summer, a sure-fire way of getting a sequel made in one way or another (I smell a pay-raise for Damon).

Sequels on the brain...Jurassic Park IV seems to be steaming up with producer Steven Spielberg on the track to get either Sam Neill or Jeff Goldblum, or both, back into the story. The first two Parks were good stuff, the third a little sluggish, though all three grossed more than $180 million each domestically.

Up last, a possible filming of Guy Davis' graphic novels, The Marquis. The books take place during the Inquisition of 18th century, France, and follows the life of a so-called warrior who literally sees the demons hidden within.

Matthew Dalton

Source: Dark Horizons