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"X-Men 1.5" To Be Released This February

February 6th, 2003

If you can’t wait for the release of the X-Men 2 movie this May, then maybe you can placate your self with the newly revamped X-Men DVD on sale at stores February 11th, 2003. In a digital world meets DVD marketing gimmick, 20th Century Fox is sure to boost its profits on the X-Men franchise by repackaging and reselling the original home DVD now dubbing it “X-Men 1.5”.

First released for home collection in November of 2000, the box set made $60 million in VHS and DVD sales over the Y2K Thanksgiving holiday alone; more then it’s opening weekend at the box office. This new and improved DVD set will contain never before seen featurettes, content, and more importantly, a sneak peak of the up-coming X-Men 2 movie. is also offering its consumers an early peak at some of the content if you pre-order it now.

The home video subsidiaries of a movie production house generally release both full screen and wide screen versions of the same movie, occasionally spawning a Special Collectors Edition containing some extra content. However, 20th Century Fox’s marketing and well timed release of a "1.5" version, just ahead of the X-Men sequel, is unique and will surely lay the ground work for other DVD re-releases. X-Men 2 will hit theaters on May 2nd 2003.

George W. Horta III

Additional source: Access Hollywood


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