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BBC to Webcast Ghosts of Albion

February 10th, 2003

Starting March 27th, 2003 BBC will webcast the animated series Ghosts of Albion. Set in 19th century England, this story will follow a brother and sister who learn their recently deceased grandfather had a surprising secret. A talented stage magician, his powers didn’t end at pulling rabbits out of hats. Now they have inherited his legacy and must become the new mystical guardians of England.

Ghosts of Albion is an original work developed by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden, neither of whom are strangers to the genre. Christopher Golden has written or co-written more than a dozen novels set in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe and even more comic books. He has also written for several other comic book franchises and several original novels including the teen thriller series, Body of Evidence.

Amber Benson is best known for playing Tara the Witch on Buffy the Vampire slayer, however her talents doesn’t stop there. She also starred in Taboo (which will be released on DVD February 18th), co-wrote with Christopher Golden several comic books feature Willow and her character Tara, and wrote, directed, produced and starred in the award winning independent movie, Chance. She can next be seen in the independent film, Latter Days.

Voice talent for Ghosts of Albion includes relative newcomers Jasmine Hyde and Rory Kinnear, who will play the lead characters, siblings Tamara and William. The supporting cast includes Leslie Phillips, Emma Samms and Anthony Daniels.

The Ghosts of Albion site will launch on March 27th, for now you can visit Christopher Golden’s, Amber Benson’s or Chance's official sites.

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