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Follow Up: The Two Towers Takes on Japan

February 26th, 2003

As previously reported, The Two Towers had its final major premiere over the weekend in Japan. And the numbers are in, and they are great. It made over a billion Yen (Nearly $10 million) which is 25% higher than its predecessor. And some expect The Two Towers to pass the 15 billion Yen (Over $125 Million) plateau before its run in Japan is over. An amazing box office, but still below those of Harry Potter. Even if The Two Towers just matches The Fellowship of the Ring in Japan, it will still be enough to propel it ahead of the first film. And if the predictions are right then $1 billion worldwide is almost guaranteed.

As of the weekend The Two Towers international box office stood at $498 million and as probably already passed the $500 million milestone with Tuesday’s numbers. On the Worldwide chart, The Two Towers has leapt ahead of Spider-Man just behind fellow sequel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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