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Italy Does the Job for James Bond

March 4th, 2003

Die Another Day grabbed more than $2 million for it’s opening weekend in Italy, the best every for a James Bond flick. And with that it has crossed the $400 million mark worldwide. With its Japanese opening just days away there are still a few more milestones to cross. Most money internationally by a James Bond flick (currently held by Goldeneye at $247 million) and $250 million internationally, which would make it only the 40th film to do so. It has an outside chance to reach $300 million internationally, but it would have to do much better than expected in Japan.

Quite an amazing run, especially when you consider that back in 1989 when License to Kill bombed at the domestic box office some were suggesting it was time to retire James Bond for good. Enter Pierce Brosnan in 1995 and four movies later and nearly $1.5 Billion worldwide, and the franchise is as strong as ever.

As a side note, maybe the people at United Artists in charge of James Bond could talk to their counterparts at Paramount. I’m sure Paramount would love to see Star Trek go through a similar rebirth.

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