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Why does Malaysia Fear Daredevil?

March 5th, 2003

Malaysia's Film Censorship Board has banned Daredevil citing, "violent content" and "Hero-worshipping someone with a devil-sounding name." While Daredevil can not be shown, Final Destination 2 is allowed despite its much more violent and gory nature. These overreaching and inconsistent rulings are drawing criticisms in the mostly Muslim country and calls for revamping Malaysia's Film Censorship Board’s procedure are being made.

Censorship is not a new problem in Malaysia. Prince of Egypt was banned for religious insensitivity and Schindler's List was banned when the Film Censorship Board called it Zionist Propaganda. And it’s not just movies. TV episodes, music videos and even commercials featuring the stars like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Love Hewitt have been banned.

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Source: Borneo Bulletin

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