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The Good Thief Steals Top Spot

April 7th, 2003

The Good Thief, starring Nick Nolte took top spot on Per Theatre Average top ten list. A remake of the 1955 French film, Bob le flambeur, The Good Thief made over $130,000 in just 9 Theatres for an average of nearly $14,620. It’s unlikely that it will get a wide release later on, but it should do well on the art-house circuit.

Bend it like Beckham nearly tripled its theatre count, but was still able to keep its per theatre average over $10,000. It was also able to cross the $1 million mark on just 117 theatres, nearly doubling its total box office take in just three day. Bend It Like Beckham’s run so far as been a success for an independent film, but it needs a strong marketing push to get it more mainstream success.

While no one movie really dominated this list, five did finished above $10,000. Which is quite an unusual feat.

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