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Nemo Finds its Way Back to Top Spot

June 16th, 2003

Three movies opened, and all three movies bombed, to one degree or another. This and larger than expected drops for the rest of the holdovers led to a collapse at the box office. It was down more than 25% from last week, and nearly 25% from the same weekend last year.

As predicted, Finding Nemo returned to first place. However, the numbers were not quite as good as was predicted on Friday. $28.4 million was still an excellent box office, and beating Monsters Inc. record for Computer Animation film is definitely in sight.

2 Fast 2 Furious didn’t drop as far as I thought in the standings, but it dropped harder at the box office. Its plunge to $18.7 million was a whopping 63% drop from its first weekend. This could be the worst second week drop-off of a first place movie, ever. It beat recent examples like Cradle 2 the Grave (60.44%) and 8 Mile (62.25%).

Also earning a lower than predicted box office was, Bruce Almighty. However, it was two places higher on the charts than what I thought. This says more about the weak performances of the new movies than anything else.

On Friday I predicted The Rugrats Go Wild would be the lowest of the new movies, and it actually earned less at the box office than I predicted. However, with a box office of $11.6 million it was the highest wide opener of the week. It also had the best-reviews, but at only 43% it’s nothing to brag about.

Only able to grab half of what I predicted was, Hollywood Homicide at $11.1 million. For a movie that cost more than $100 million to make and advertise, this is nothing short of disaster. The next Indiana Jones movie can’t comes soon enough for Harrison Ford.

The last of the new movies to open wide was Dumb and Dumberer. With only $10.8 million in its first weekend, the pseudo-prequel wasn’t able to match the original’s opening and its reviews were much worse .

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