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Movie Websites Launches for August 21 - August 27

August 28th, 2003

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here’s a list of highlights, plus one last look at websites for films opening this week. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

21 Grams
Current Content: None, just a redirect to the Universal Pictures movie site.

Anything Else
Current Content: The flash site was launched this week and it has a lot of multimedia. This includes the trailer and 10 minutes of interviews with the two main cast members. Also included were four clips and a short behind the scene video. It is interesting to note that much of the clips and behind the scene stuff is also in the trailer and interviews, so there's a lot of repetitiveness. It also has synopsis/production notes, cast and crew bios and an image gallery.

Cabin Fever
Current Content: The last two photos have videos now, but they make about as much sense as the first two. Watch the trailer on the regular site before coming to the flash site. Or check out the old site for a little more information.

Cheaper by the Dozen
Current Content: Just the placeholder site for now, with just the trailer and cast and characters (no bios.)

Civil Brand
Current Content: The old site is back with the trailer as its only content.

Current Content: The trailer is back on the site.

Current Content: As I have mentioned early, Honey is the first site I wrote about and in that time there have been no substantive changes, until now. Half a dozen more images were added to the gallery this week. That may not sound like much, but it more than doubled the content of the site. Late Update: The trailer was added today. See, having the column a day late was a good thing.

Jeepers Creepers 2
Current Content: The content of this site is told almost exclusively through multimedia. Each section starts with a short clip, and there are eight sections in all. These include the image gallery, e-cards and storyboards. Plus two trailers, four clips and character intro (in the form of short clips.) There is only one section presented in text and that's the 'About the Film' section. Although there are five parts and it is quite extensive. There is also sound effects and background music. Unfortunately the music, while moody, was too quite compared to the rest of the site.

Mambo Italiano
Current Content: This site has a lot of information, synopsis, cast, crew and character bios (character bios are almost always a plus), press kit, trailer and seven clips. What it doesn't have is any sound or animations. Because of that this site is an effective but simple site. A little more flash might have really helped.

The Matrix Revolutions
Current Content: Along with the content for the first two movies, the international trailer for the third movie was released. From now to its release expect plenty of updates to this site.

Mystic River
Current Content: The crew bios are now available, including Clint Eastwood. But the section on Clint Eastwood in the main menu is still marked coming soon. So I expect that to be much more detailed than the current bio.

Current Content: As long time readers of this column know I feel the most overlooked aspect of movie websites is sound, specifically background music. Many sites have no background music whatsoever, others have only short clips, (much of which is too short or poorly looped.) This site has not one, but two full songs. Right away that puts it ahead of the pack, and many weeks it would be enough to win the weekly website awards. But this site has even more. There is plenty of content with all the regular features present, (synopsis, trailer, image gallery, cast and crew bios) and some lesser used features like production notes, directors statements, wallpapers and e-cards, an interview with the director and 3 clips from the movie. Add in animated segues and you have this weeks winner of the inescapable Weekly Website Award. And it's the first winner with the new graphic.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Current Content: This is a week of double shots. First two movies with Emmy Rossum and now two movies that take their name from the classic Sergio Leone movie Once Upon a Time in America. The Flash site opened this week and it is a very well done site. The main part of the site has animated intros that rotate through the three main characters. There is also very good use of animation and sound effects for each section. For example, the options are shown as bullet holes complete with gunshots are they are created. The content is also well done with the synopsis, trailer, cast and crew bios (the three main stars also have a few images) and production notes. And most of this information is given in both English and Spanish. It's a very nice touch indeed.

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands
Current Content: The second movie to borrow its title from Sergio Leone, this time the homage extends to the trailer (especially the fonts) and the background music for the website. It's a nice touch. The site also features a bit of animation to introduce the sections, which include all the major features (synopsis, cast and crew bios, production notes, and image gallery.) It’s not very flashy, which is probably for the best.

Something's Gotta Give
Current Content: Just the typical Sony placeholder site for now. Just the synopsis and the trailer and that's all for now.

Current Content: The new, full trailer was added.

Current Content: Got an error message about the flash animation for this site, something about a slow script. So I can't give a review of the site.

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