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Movie Websites Launches for September 4 - September 10

September 10th, 2003

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here’s a list of highlights, plus one last look at websites for films opening this week. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

Cabin Fever
Current Content: There is more information on the non-flash site. It has the synopsis, trailer, cast and crew, among other features. The flash site has … atmosphere. It's still as confusing as the day it launched.

Cold Creek Manor
Current Content: Flash site launched this week, and it has the usual features, (synopsis, cast and crew bios, etc.) and a lot of multimedia content. It has the trailer, of course, four movie clips and a making of video that weights in at nearly 4 minutes. That is quite impressive for a website. There are more features like an image gallery, e-cards, wallpaper and the poster, and one feature, The House, is marked coming soon. Combined with interesting segues and good background music it wins this week's enlightened Weekly Website Awards.

Current Content: Opening in limited release this week, the site consists of just the trailer and the poster. However, on another page there are some additional clips and on yet another page, there's the synopsis. Sort of a build it yourself website.

Fighting Tempations
Current Content: The features previously marked coming soon, Music Mixer, E-cards and Media Player Skins were added. As were pop-up facts about singers who got their start singing in their church choir.

In the Cut
Current Content: The redirect was replaced by a placeholder site. Typical of Sony placeholders, this one has just the trailer so far.

Lost in Translation
Current Content: Opening in limited release this week, the website has changed very little since its launch. There's a new clip added, but the video clips for each section are still marked coming soon.

Matchstick Men
Current Content: Nothing has changed since the site was first reviewed. There is still a lot of information, and a disappointing lack of sound.

Millennium Actress
Current Content: The website launched last week, and the movie opens this week. It appears that nothing has changed, but it's still worth checking out.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Current Content: Nothing has changed since the flash site was first launched, but it's a very well done site so nothing really needed changing.

Out of Time
Current Content: The flash site launched this week, and it includes almost everything a movie site needs. Synopsis, trailer, cast, crew and character bios, image gallery, film clips, background music and even some animation and audio clips between sections. There are also some downloads, but right now it's just some wallpaper and the official poster with the rest marked coming soon.

So Close
Current Content: An excellent site with good content present in an entertaining way. There's the usual features, cast and crew bios, trailer and images, wallpaper, screensaver, buddy icons. There is also a detailed synopsis, perhaps a little too detailed as there are some potential spoilers there. There are some wallpapers that you can grab from the downloads section, others appear intermittently while surfing the site. It's a cool feature.

Stuck on You
Current Content: The final trailer was added, which includes one of the most disturbing bedroom scenes I have seen. Perfect for a Farrelly brother's movie.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Current Content: Another movie that had its flash site launch this week. Not much new content was added, it was mostly just a format change. Synopsis, cast and crew bios, trailer and TV spots, images, screensavers, AIM icons are all still there, but the background music was removed. Hopefully it will return later on.

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