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New Releases will have a Scary Time at the Box Office

October 31st, 2003

This weekend sees the opening of only one wide release, and some that don’t quite make that cut. Many were planned for wider openings than they got, and after this week we’ll see if it was a smart idea to cut back on the theatres.

Last week’s winner is likely to repeat at the top of the charts this week. Scary Movie 3 should take in about $25 million to raise its total to $80 million after just two weeks, topping the final box office of Scary Movie 2. Topping the first’s box office will be much harder to do.

Disney’s latest animated movie, Bother Bear, won’t open in theatres till Saturday. This is probably a good strategy given most kids will be out trick or treating today. However, I doubt most parents will want to be in a theatre with a bunch of kids on sugar highs. So Brother Bear’s prospects for the weekend are bleaker than most Disney movies. And with reviews that are well below par for Disney movies, $15 million will be all it will get.

Radio will again finish third with $9 million at the box office. This is a drop of only 33% and could spell some nice legs for the film. But even so, it will have to wait till the home market before it starts to show a profit.

Dropping a couple of spots will be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It won’t be far behind Radio with $8 million. This box office will be helped out by some Halloween action, but bigger drops are coming for next week.

Mystic River and Runaway Jury will be in a very close contest for the last spot in the top five. Both will get around $6 million with Runaway Jury having a slight advantage.

In The Cut, which opened in just 6 theatres last weekend opens wider this weekend. But calling 800 theatres a wide release is not quite accurate. Reviews for the movie have been quite poor and there’s only so much Meg Ryan’s controversial sex scenes can do for a movie. Look for $2 million and possibly a spot in the top ten.

The release of Alien: The Director’s Cut was reportedly trimmed back from 1700 theatres. And considering how poorly the movie did during its Wednesday release that was probably for the best. It has failed to make the top ten either day and this weekend it will only get $1 million at most. This is too bad because the reviews are excellent. But if you don’t get a chance to see it in the theatres, you can always pick up the 9-DVD box set in December.

Lastly, Human Stain opens in 160 theaters. Also originally planned for a much wider release, its reviews suggest cutting back was the right thing to do. Box office wise, it should fall just below Alien: The Director’s Cut with under $1 million.

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