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Neo Wins Race but Nemo's Journey is Only Beginning

November 18th, 2003

Last week, The Matrix Revolutions broke records, both internationally and worldwide, (the final figure for last week's worldwide box office did beat out Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.) This week it was able to maintain the number one spot at the box office with $42.0 million, but like the domestic side, its international run was marred by fast drops in many markets. In Australia it was down 66%, France 62%, Russia and Taiwan 60%. In some holdover markets the decline was less dramatic, like China at just 36% and Japan and 39%. International totals are just shy of $200 million and worldwide the film broke $300 million.

While $7.3 million may not seem like a lot for Finding Nemo, especially compared to the number one film this week. It was the result of two or three animation records. It clearly set records in Sweden ($2 million) and Norway ($1 million.) However, in Denmark it isn't so clear, it failed to top Tarzan in Kroner but the box office in American was a record. The international total is now up to $162.9 (115th overall) and its worldwide total topped $500 million, only the 29th film and only the fourth animated film to do so.

Intolerable Cruelty dropped another spot to third. This week it took in another $5.0 million to raise its international total past $50 million. Worldwide it should cross $100 million before its run is finished.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 international take rose slightly this weekend to $3.6 million. However, that wasn't enough to keep it in third place.

Opening its international run in just two markets, Love Actually managed a spot in the top five with $2.6 million. It took top spot in Italy with $2.2 million, which pushed The Matrix Revolutions into second spot. In Portugal it finished second to Revolutions with an impressive $330,000 on just 50 screens. These results have the film tracking ahead of Richard Curtis' most recent film, Bridget Jones's Diary, which went on to earn more than $200 million internationally.

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