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Audiences Love Finding Neo

November 25th, 2003

This week there was a three-way race for top spot in the international market. And in the end, the top three films were just $2.0 million apart.

Despite opening in only four markets, Finding Nemo earned the number one position with $22.3 million. It also broke records for animation is all four new markets. In Germany it hauled in $12.9 million on a little more than 1000 screens, in Austria $2 million on 123, in Switzerland (French and German regions only) $1.6 million on just 97 and in Poland $909,000 on 125 screens. Internationally, Finding Nemo's catch now stands at $186.2 million (89th all time) and will cross $200 million next weekend. Worldwide the Pixar blockbuster has earned an incredible $525.9 million, just below Monsters Inc. for 25th place on the all-time chart.

The Matrix Revolutions' international run is mirroring the domestic run; huge openings followed by huge drops. The final film in The Matrix Trilogy dropped 60% in South Korea and China, 57% in Germany, 56% in Taiwan, 54% in Russia and Mexico. But a much stronger performance in Japan, where its week-to-week decline was just 16%, helped The Matrix Revolutions to $21.5 million and second place this weekend. It also crossed the $200 million marked sometime mid week, and should cross $400 million worldwide. But that will be its last major milestone.

Opening in a lucky 13 markets, Love Actually had an amazing week with $20.3 million on just 2200 screens. The directorial debut of screenwriter Richard Curtis, Love Actually is tracking ahead of Bridget Jones's Diary in most markets and even ahead of his biggest hit, Notting Hill is some. At this point, $200 million internationally is almost a sure bet and $300 million worldwide is well within reach.

Intolerable Cruelty dropped another spot to fourth, while its international box office climbed this week to $6.4 million. More than half that came from a number one opening in France. It should cross $100 million worldwide, either late the week, or early next weekend.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 international take abated slightly this weekend to $3.4 million. However, its international run topped its domestic run this week $69.2 million to $68.4 million.

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