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Nemo's Fifth at Number One

December 16th, 2003

For the fifth straight week Finding Nemo was number one at the international box office. And while the film is starting to show signs of slowing down, its weekly performance is still amazing. A total international take of $31.5 million on 5,200 screens made it the clear winner. Plus it was number one in 20 of 27 markets it played in and surpassed $300 million internationally. Current totals for the Pixar smash hit are $330.2 million internationally, (good for 20th place) and $669.9 million worldwide, (for 15th place.) The Lion King is the only animated movie to make more. With only a couple more markets to open in, Finding Nemo must rely on long legs to take top spot away from The Lion King.

Love Actually is starting to show signs of weakness, specifically in the Latin American markets. It still managed to add another $12.0 million to lift its international total of $91.1 million. It should top $100 million next weekend, but $150 million might be just out of reach.

There were big drop-offs for S.W.A.T. this week, losing more than 40% of its international box office from last week. On the other hand, $8.1 million was good enough for third spot for the second week in a row.

Also dropping, albeit not at the same rate, was Master and Commander: Far Side of the World. This week it captured only $7.0 million for fourth place. Its total international box office is still less than $50 million, not what the studio was expecting.

Climbing back into the top five was Elf with $5.6 million. Internationally, its box office results are mixed. In English speaking markets it is doing fantastic, non-English markets are another story.

One last note, The Matrix Revolutions passed $400 million worldwide this week, but with a box office of only $3.5 million it will probably be the last major milestone it crosses.

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