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Featured Blu-ray Review: The Sound of Music

March 21st, 2015

The Sound of Music - Buy from Amazon: Blu-ray Combo Pack

I've previously reviewed The Sound of Music, which is great news for me. It's late in the afternoon and I've only just started to get to work, because I spent most of the morning talking to my bank, because my credit card information was stolen. Since I have reviewed this film in the past, I will stick with how this is different than the previous Blu-ray release.

The Movie

I am not a fan of musicals and I thought this film was too saccharine and that characters' attitudes changed too rapidly to be believable. That said, most people consider this a classic of the genre.

The Extras

Last time around, the film was released in a two-disc format. This time around, there are two-disc and five-disc options. I have the two-disc version to review. This includes the first disc from last time, plus a new disc that includes a 50-minute documentary that follows Julie Andrews as she returns to Salzburg and explores where the film was made. The five-disc includes these two discs, the second second from the 45th anniversary release that I previously reviewed, a CD soundtrack, and a DVD version of the movie.

It is the same disc, so it has the same technical presentation.

The 5-disc version costs $45. If you already have the film on Blu-ray, this is too much to pay for the small amount of upgrade.

The Verdict

I guess a lot of people have made the leap to high definition in the past five years. For these people, the The Sound of Music: 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack is worth picking up.

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