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Home Market Numbers: Exodus Rules Over a Horrendous Home Market

April 7th, 2015

The home market was a disaster this week. There's really no way around that fact. Exodus: Gods and Kings and the rest of the new releases led the way, but it wasn't nearly as good as last week's number one film, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1, so that led to declines of 8.8% in terms of units and 6.7% in terms of revenue when compared to last week. Compared to last year, Blu-ray sales were down 74% in terms of units and 73% in terms of revenue. Granted, this week last year, Frozen was released, so that explains the absolute destruction in the year-over-year comparison. There is some good news, sort of. DVD sales were even worse in the week-over-week comparison, so the overall Blu-ray share rose to 44%.

DVD sales fell even more when compared to last week, down 17%, both in terms of units and revenue. Compared to last year, DVD sales plummeted 66% in terms of units and 67% in terms of revenue. Ouch.

Next week, the new releases include a trio of $100 million hits, which should help the home market recover in the week-over-week comparison. Last year's new releases were not as strong, as The Wolf of Wall Street was the only major release. However, Frozen was still dominating the home market earning first place on the Blu-ray and DVD and overall 2014 will again beat 2015. It hopefully won't crush 2015, but it will win.


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